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Privacy Policy

  • Privacy

    To protect your privacy and avoid any pleasant situations this notice explains our online information practices and the further choices you can make about the way your personal information is collected and used.

  • Collected information

    The types of personal information collected on this site and it's pages includes without limitation, the following: name, e-mail, phone number and location address for pickup if necessary. Additionally you will be required to provide additional information such as other people ( group mates ) phone number which will be used as backup in case your provided phone number will not be reachable and there will be problems to reach you.

  • Cookies

    Riga Beer Bike uses "cookie" technology to improve your reservation process. Cookies on this site collects information that a website may need in order to personalize your experience and gather site statistical data. We do not track individuals, only instances of entry onto Riga Beer Bike.

  • Copyright and usage of content

    Any content on our site are owned by Riga Beer Bike. No further publication or commercial use of content without written Riga Beer Bike permission is allowed.

  • Your agreement

    Your agreement is between you and Riga Beer Bike. Confirmation and agreement begins when you confirm your selected service. Your obligation is to verify that all details of your reservation are valid and correct. In case of any mistakes please contact Riga Beer Bike immediately and inform about content errors. Once Riga Beer Bike receives your confirmation about your reservation details Riga Beer Bike assume that you have double checked all details and verified them as correct. If some mistake will appear during your service, for example - wrong pickup time, wrong phone number, etc., Riga Beer Bike will not take any responsibility for this misunderstanding basing on your confirmation about the service where incorrect information was confirmed by you. In cases like these Riga Beer Bike keeps right to do not refund the money paid for service or give any cancellation fee.

  • Payment

    Every reservation must be secured with deposit payment collected via PayPal or bank. About exact amount of the deposit payment you will be informed by your client manager during the reservation process. Deposit payment must be made at least 2 days before the service due date. If due to some reason you are forced to cancel your reservation changes must be informed 24 hours in advance before the due date. This rule also applies to number of persons in group. If not informed 24 hours in advance in case less than confirmed number of persons will appear, Riga Beer Bike keeps the rights to charge for number of persons which was confirmed in email by you.

  • Your appearance

    During your visit to Riga Beer Bike we kindly ask you to behave appropriate and comply with ground rules which will be explained to you upon your arrival by Riga Beer Bike staff.

  • Complaints

    If anything is not as you expected or you've experienced an unpleasant situation or attitude from Riga Beer Bike staff please inform our customer service department. All complaints will be revised and solved to avoid any incidents in future movement of Riga Beer Bike.

  • Cancellation and Refund Policy

    The payment amount is subject to a 25% cancellation fee if cancelled more than 24 hours in advance. The payment amount is nonrefundable if not cancelled more than 24 hours in advance.

  • “Force Majeure” Exception

    If the purchased tour or event is hindered or prevented by any act of God, strikes, lockouts or other labor dispute, shortage of labor or materials, earthquake, hurricane, flood, fire or other casualty, taking, civil commotion, riot, mob violence, insurrection, malicious mischief, sabotage, rebellion, act of public enemy, act of terrorism, epidemic, invasion, embargo, governmental preemption in the case of national or local emergency security or health risk, suspension of governmental operations or other event beyond the reasonable control of the party claiming the benefit of the event, including acts of declared or undeclared war and acts of terrorism; then we may cancel the proposed tour or event without any liability to refund any money, deposits, fees or fares paid in advance.