Drink and drive It's possible now!


Riga Beer Bike History
Although 15-mile off-campus bike race is the precursor to beer bike, what we now understand by the word beer bike is thought to be invented in 1990’s in Amsterdam and has become a unique and cheerful way to see the city. There are a lot of different stories about how beer bike came to its popularity. One of them is about Zwier van Laar, the Dutchman, who claims to have invented the first beer bike as a way to help a pub owner to advertise his establishment in a local parade. Another story states that once some drunk men were biking to their village from their local pub with a lot of stolen beer and were stopped by their local police. Drunk men were absolutely against leaving their bikes on the street and they took them to the police van and began to come up with different ideas, which had something to do with their situation. They thought that if they would have some kind of vehicle like beer bike, they would not be stopped by police, since driving their usual bikes, a lot of beer was spilled on their way. Some people say that a beer bike was followed from famous cab bikes/ rickshaws. There are a lot of different stories, but it does not really matter, since you do not have to find beer bikes or its construction, because we can offer you all of that. It is an amazing opportunity to see Riga and its sightseeings while having fun with your friends, drinking beer at an open air beer bar and even exercising a little. However it was made and why, beer bikes gained great popularity and attention everywhere, including Riga. It is one of the most popular activities in Riga. People from many countries come to visit us and try out these bikes. It is now forbidden in many cities, for example, Munich, but is allowed in Riga. Grab the opportunity and have the most amazing time when visiting Riga!