Drink and drive It's possible now!



This well-considered roof will protect you from direct sunrays, as you know – you can get a sunburn while doing activities and not paying attention to your skin. But that’s not all – it will also protect you from rain – you may never know when rain starts in Latvia. But in fact, this nice decorated roof is more for you to feel you are in a real bar!


A sober steersman will drive you and you friends around, while you are having fun on a bike. All you have to do is to drink beer and do some pedaling to make your beer bike move. We’ve thought of everything!


Beer bike can fit up to 13 persons. While drinking you might also get rid of the calories gained by pedaling, but we doubt it, since you'll have unlimited beer consumption. Quite awesome, isn’t it?

Beer Barrel

This beer barrel will provide you with beer throughout the whole trip filled with as much beer as you wish.